Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pool Fun!

Daddy and Daughter in the pool on a hot summer day! I really like this photo the composision alowed me to change it from color to black and white with clear deffinition of subjects.

PhotoHunt Bright Summer Day!

My little one on a bright summer day with a bight smile!

Creation of Kim's Photo blog

I have found a couple of blogs that are photo blogs and I love to take pictures of my little girl, husband and just about anything else that is cool, pretty, or unusual. So I participated in a photohunt on my OB-Nurse blog So I decided to start another blog. Thanks for looking at some of my Treasures! All of the pictures on this blog will be original photos taken by myself or by Sports Dad and property there of, so please ask permission to reproduce, or copy, not that they are that good but I would like to know who likes my shots! Thank you for visiting my Blog!