Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missing Blogging!

Blogging has had to g by the waste side because of school. This quarter is the last for my BSN. This quarter I have all new instructors, and I feel that I need to concentrate more on school. I will post when I have time.
I am so EXCITED because in 2WEEKS I am going to see my Mom in Washington, I can not wait to see her, Phil, and John. Lena and I are flying on an air plane, so all Lena talks about is going to see Grammy on an air plane. Lena said "I'm going to see and air plane on Gammy" I thought that was so funny. Every time we are getting ready in the morning she asks if we are going to Grammies.
So I will have about 2 weeks off from work so I am hoping to blog, studying, and playing with my mom and little girl. I am excited to show my little girl all of the cool things in Washington.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Keep that tongue in your Mouth!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday that is not so wordless!

This is a picture of my brother (left) and two of his friends when they graduated from West Point in 2005. My brother David is currently serving in Iraq. This is the second time he has been sent there since he graduated. My brother and I have not always gotten along but, as we grew up we became closer. He is a good man; he works hard and plays even harder. As I have moved from Wy, we have not been able to see each other very often; in fact this was the last time that I saw him. It is still amazing to me that my little brother grew up to be such an incredible man. I often wonder what he is doing, where is he at, and is he having fun? My little brother is only about a foot taller than I am, and could quite effectively kick my tail, so I would not dare pick on him like I did when we were kids. We had our fair share of disagreements, but I was the only one that could pick on him. As an adult it is funny what you remember, Dave was in high school I think and my dad hit his head on the cupboard and he slammed the door and then threw a roll of paper towels, my Brother said "Teach that cupboard a lesson I am sure it won't hit you again" or something like that. From that point on I saw Dave in a different way like he just grew up in that moment. I am always waiting to here that my Mom or Dad received an Email from him.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Every one has a favorite Bear!

Since everyone should have a favorite Bear, Stacey over at All because Two People Fell in Love there is a wonderful contest for a Build a Bear gift certificate. My daughter loves this store, early this summer we took a trip to the mall and found this store I had never heard of Build a Bear before so we had to go in and see what it was all about. What great fun we had just some mommy and me time. I was very impressed with the staff they were very aware of my little one’s shyness and allowed her to warm up to them before stuffing her alligator. I really appreciated the time the bear maker took with my little girl, I am planning her birthday party at this store in February, for six children it is only 60 dollars and everyone gets a bear. Plus I have signed up for their mailing list and I get e-coupons and mailers which Lena thinks is just for her from her Bear company. Five dollars off is good, I think when I was there the first time I spent right at 30 dollars for a Gator and outfit. I thought it was worth it for an extra special occasion. I hope you enter and best of luck!!

Photo courtesy of Build a Bear and Nature award winner.