Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missing Blogging!

Blogging has had to g by the waste side because of school. This quarter is the last for my BSN. This quarter I have all new instructors, and I feel that I need to concentrate more on school. I will post when I have time.
I am so EXCITED because in 2WEEKS I am going to see my Mom in Washington, I can not wait to see her, Phil, and John. Lena and I are flying on an air plane, so all Lena talks about is going to see Grammy on an air plane. Lena said "I'm going to see and air plane on Gammy" I thought that was so funny. Every time we are getting ready in the morning she asks if we are going to Grammies.
So I will have about 2 weeks off from work so I am hoping to blog, studying, and playing with my mom and little girl. I am excited to show my little girl all of the cool things in Washington.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh how i wish I had a child in the house again. i was in health care for 23 years and had to get out. my kids are older now and i'm feeling pretty useless. I too would probably crawl up with a cheesecake and try to get through another day.


have a safe trip!
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