Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday's Thirteen edition 4

Thirteen favorites
1. Hearing my husband say “I love you!”
2. Hearing my daughter say “I love you!”
3. When Lena says “It is ok Mama’s got you.” As she hugs your neck.
4. “Good morning Mama.” When I walk through the door in the morning after working all night.
5. “It’s ok I won’t leave you.” As she gets down off the bed after nap time.
6. “Whatever!” when you tell her that she cannot have something she wanted and has figured out that you are not going to change your mind.
7. “Um no, you listen!” when she does not like what I am telling her to do.
8. “You understand me” when she is trying to get me to clean up her toys.
9. “No my husband, No my daddy.” When we are bidding for daddy’s attention.
10. “We’ll share” about the third time.
11. “ I miss you mamma” after a day at school
12. “Mamma I want to nuggle” right before she falls asleep.
13. “Get up! GET UP! GET UP NOW!” when she wants to play ring around the rosy.

Here phrases have changed as she has gotten older but they are still full of love, and make me lover her even more every time I hear them.

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siteseer said...

The language of 'love'. Nothing better. Great TT

Grey Street said...

Very sweet. I like your profile background too! :)