Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Every one has a favorite Bear!

Since everyone should have a favorite Bear, Stacey over at All because Two People Fell in Love there is a wonderful contest for a Build a Bear gift certificate. My daughter loves this store, early this summer we took a trip to the mall and found this store I had never heard of Build a Bear before so we had to go in and see what it was all about. What great fun we had just some mommy and me time. I was very impressed with the staff they were very aware of my little one’s shyness and allowed her to warm up to them before stuffing her alligator. I really appreciated the time the bear maker took with my little girl, I am planning her birthday party at this store in February, for six children it is only 60 dollars and everyone gets a bear. Plus I have signed up for their mailing list and I get e-coupons and mailers which Lena thinks is just for her from her Bear company. Five dollars off is good, I think when I was there the first time I spent right at 30 dollars for a Gator and outfit. I thought it was worth it for an extra special occasion. I hope you enter and best of luck!!

Photo courtesy of Build a Bear and Nature award winner.

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