Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lena is back to school after going to Oh, the transition back to school this year was allot easier than last year. She has not cried once when we drop her off, she walks into her class room just like a big girl. I am so thankful for the Christian preschool that she goes to, they are all very nice. They make me feel good when I drop her off and pick her up, like she is one of their own children. There is an older lady that works at the preschool that takes her on Mondays while I am in school. Lena does not like going to her house because she knows that mom picks her up every other day from school. Although this semester I will have 60 hours of clinical to complete so I see her going to Ms. O another day a week unfortunately at least until I finish all those hours. I don't understand why on earth we need 60 hours of clinicals, but it is just another hoop to jump through. At least I only have three more months of hoops for my BSN. You ask "What will having a BSN give me?" Well for my current job I think I will get a 50 cent pay raise, I hope. But my BSN will also help me to find a day job if I am so inclined, or if my Family demands it. Any way we are all back in school for now so I hope everything go smoothly until December.

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