Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Moment!

When I was a kid we did not have a weekly thing that we did together, but we had nightly meals together. We also spent time doing things that my dad and brother enjoyed, hunting, fishing, building, repairing things, and shooting. Now that I am a mom I cherish the time that my little girl and I get to spend together playing without the TV on which is only when my husband is at work, it is the first thing that he does when he walks though the door. The TV stays on until he goes to bed about 1am. Enough of my complaining, an idea is taking one night a week for no TV, instead planning a family activity i.e. going to the park, my little girl loves to go the park and play, especially having all of our attention. Before we play I share a short lesson 3-5 Minutes because of her age, the lesson is pertinent to my little girl like sharing, playing nice, saying prayers, short stories from the scriptures, just about anything that I feel is important for her to learn about. I try to look for things that she is learning during the week to talk about, this week we are talking about potty training and telling mommy and daddy when she has to go potty. Most weeks I have to work on Mondays but this week I am off from work so tonight we are playing the potty game with a short lesson on using the potty, wiping, washing our hands, and flushing the toilet. I like to end our night with a treat like Angles on Horse Back (S’mores), ice cream, or popcorn, something special that we do not usually have. Good Luck with your Monday Moment! For more Monday Moments please hop over to

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