Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is my Husband and I, he is my support. Eric supported my while I was in nursing school, the first time and now that I am in nursing school again working toward my BSN instead of financially supporting me he is doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and keeping our little girl happy and safe while I work at night which really sucks, because I do not get to see my husband nearly as much as I would like to. He supports my in all of my dreams, goals, aspirations; he hurts with my failures, and marvels in my success.
He supported me when I wanted to breast feed my baby girl even after she lost a whole pound in two days, he told me that if I wanted to breast feed then he would do everything in his power to help me in that desire. To his chagrin she was a great breast baby after the first month or so. When I went back to work at six months I thought that my little one would just take formula like when she was first born but she would not and I did not have any breast milk in the freezer so he had a few weeks of ruff nights until she got accustom to being with dad. So this is my husband and I in May of 2005 we were in New York for my brothers graduation and to visit friends.
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jenny said...

Very interesting stories of support! You have a great husband. :-) My mom just got her Masters in Nursing, and is now a nursing educator at the college she just got out of. So, you go girl, with your education---it can only be to your benefit!

Bunny Trails said...

There's no better support than that of family! Awesome post. :D

Teena in Toronto said...

He's a keeper!

I played too :)

Pretty Life Online said...

Great choice for todays theme. Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy weekend!

leslie said...

The best support of all is that from family and friends - which is exactly what my post is about. Have a wonderful weekend and don't work too hard. :D

philos said...

Love the story that went with the photo. Support is wonderful especially from a loved one.

Joyce said...

Hi, Kim,

So nice to meet you and your husband. You left a comment over at my T13 "Favorite Fast Foods" post.

What a rare and precious guy you have! And the photos of your daughter are adorable!

My twin girls are 23 years old. One of the girls has been married for almost three years. Our neurologist told her that she might have trouble conceiving children because the birth rate is lower for ladies with epilepsy (she has 2 hereditary forms). That has not proven to be the case for her, as she has a 2 year old son and a newborn daughter. I believe she is on Lamictal.

Anyhow, you sure sound like fine folks, and I'm pleased to meet you. :)