Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday's Thirteen

My thirteen Thursday are my favorite Tolina sayings
1. No mama!
2. I go shoppin
3. Wait! Twooooooooo minutes
4. I be right back K (as she pats her hand toward you)
5. Come here Come here NOW(as she extends her hand to you and wiggles her fingers)
6. I do is myself
7. My daddy, no My daddy
8. Don’t be mean da me (as I am trying to correct what she has done)
9. Ok Twoooooooooo minutes (when I ask her to clean up)
10. Mommy, Good morning you tired? (Since I work nights this is how she greets me when I get home)
11. Mamma I want to nuggle (snuggle)
12. A nurse (although she no longer nurses I still have fond memories)
13. I love you!
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Maisie said...

She must be a sweetheart. I haven't heard this type of talk in a few years. My baby is 6 now. My favorite saying in your list is "Mama I want to nuggle."

Allison Says said...

Aw! Those are so sweet!!! I can just picture all those words coming out of a teeny tiny mouth. So adorable!

Happy TT :)

Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

my daughter said nuggle too, just about did me in every time. The other thing she would say was "Hold You" when she wanted to be picked up. So precious when they are little!

Kim said...

She says I hold you when she wants to give you a hug. She also tells me Mamma don't leave me. I won't leave you. she is just so cute thanks Kim

Sandy C. said...

I love this list :) It all sounds so familiar! My daughter loves to say "My daddy" as well.

Fabulous list. Just melts my heart :)

Geriatric Nursing said...

Tolina sayings are the best. Her response this week just cracked me up WHAt eVER! Love the pictures too!